Do you enjoy doing your own gardening but need someone to demonstrate maintenance chores such as pruning, deadheading, or splitting perennials?

Are you ready and willing to design a new garden but need a second opinion about the garden’s shape and plants?

If so call to arrange an on-site education session.  Techniques can be demonstrated on your plants.  I can guide you through pruning of your shrubs, splitting of perennials, pinching to enhance plant shape, and deadheading to increase blooming.  I will pass on tips I have learned over the years to get the best looking garden in the shortest time from maintenance sessions in your garden.

Hire me as your “garden coach” and we will have a good time tending your garden while you learn some of my tricks for successful transplanting, plant propagation, garden design...... 

Call or e-mail Myrene to discuss details.



fee structure for on-site education: click here